The Amrita Yoga Satsang is a spiritual organization dedicated to exploring and teaching the wisdom of Yoga and Meditation.

Learn the ancient spiritual arts of Meditation, Asanas (yoga postures) Chanting, Pranayama (breath work), Yoga philosophy.

 Amrita = nectar.  Yoga = union.   Satsang = a community of seekers after truth.

“The Way of Enlightenment Passes

Through the Heart.”

 Wednesday Evenings 6:30 – 8:30 PM Cache Valley Unitarian House.

596 East 900 North / Logan, Utah

Our Teachers 

   Michael Sowder

Michael Sowder, Founder

Michael Sowder, Founder

was trained as a yoga and meditation teacher in a Tantric Yoga tradition in the 1970s.  He has practiced in both yogic and Buddhist traditions in the US and in India.   A poet

and writer, he is a professor of English and Religious Studies at Utah State University.

Contact: michael.sowder@usu.edu.


Maribeth Evensen-Hengge has been practicing

yoga meditation for over 30 years. Originally trained in Transcendental Meditation, she was subsequently trained in the non-dualist tradition of Kashmir Shaivism.  She brings special training in music and chanting to our sangham.

Contact: maribeth.hengge@usu.edu.


        Jake Grossman

has been practicing meditation and yoga for five years in Buddhist and Yogic traditions. He is president of the Student Meditation Club at Utah State University and the host

of the radio podcast “Mindfulness on Air.” Contact: jake_g999@yahoo.com.


        Jennifer Sinor is

a certified yoga instructor who has studied with Vijay Amar in Dharamsala, India. She teaches weekly yoga classes in Logan and organizes the women’s meditation at the Cache County Jail.

Contact Jennifer at jennifer.sinor@usu.edu.




For more information contact michael.sowder@usu.edu

Michael Sowder, Founder

Michael Sowder, Founder


ma_img_big16 new

(Ma Indira Devi, India Guru)

Amrita Sangha meets for meditation on Wednesdays at 7:00, at the Cache Valley Unitarian Universalists’ Church, 596 East 900 North Street, Logan, Utah.

For information about teachings, talks, programs, retreats, or to receive our weekly email newsletter, please contact Michael Sowder:  michael.sowder@usu.edu.

Please see his blog at http://michaelsinidapilgrimage.wordpress.com.


*     *     *     *     *

Opening Intention of the Amrita Sangha

(which we read at each gathering)

 We come together in the Presence of the Beloved, to deepen our journey of awakening into love, compassion, and connectedness,

distilling the wisdom of the world’s spiritual traditions, yet bound by none of them,

surrendering to the One Heart, which is called by many names—God, Brahma, Allah, the Tao, the Buddha Nature, Satchitananda—which dwells in our hearts and our sangha,

dedicated to bringing amrita—the nectar of enlightenment—to all beings, to create a new earth and new human community.

And so, we say together:  May all beings be free of suffering.   May all beings encounter the joy of awakening. May all beings find the healing they took birth for.  May all beings find the love and peace that passes understanding and dwells inside our hearts.     



10 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hey, could you guys put me on your regular mailing list. I really enjoyed your retreat with Larry and Peggy, and I would like to be aware of any upcoming retreats that I might attend. Thanks, with Love, Josh

  2. Dear Jempe,

    Thank you so much For this message and for contacting me and buying my book! Sorry for the late Reply. I’ve had a crazy summer, in India, where I got very sick! Good luck with your new sangha. Please stay in touch. I’ll add your email to our weekly newsletter email list! Much love and Namaste, Michael

  3. Hi, my name is Allan. I’m a Utah State student living in Logan.I attended the two January sessions led by Marianne and Doug. I would like to follow up with both of them on some questions I had about their approaches. Could you by chance email me their phone numbers?

    Thank you so much for your help.


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